Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Trail Riding in the Mountains

Horseback riding is a wonderful experience, no matter the type of riding. Many folks prefer trail riding, and one of them. When I was younger, I enjoyed more thrilling types of horseback riding, including barrel racing, pole bending, and match races. As I grew older, however, trail riding became my preferred method of riding. I’m not talking about competition trail riding here – I’m talking about a relaxing, leisurely ride on a beautiful trail. From all my trail riding experience, some of the best places for trail rides, or for horseback riding in general, are trails that wind through mountains.
I’ve enjoyed trail riding in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina, and each ride was an unforgettable experience. The scenery was truly breathtaking! I’ve seen waterfalls, rushing mountain streams, wildflowers, and all sorts of wildlife. If the trail takes you up to a high vantage point, you’ll get an amazing view of valleys and meadows. Even if you don’t climb much in altitude, you’ll most likely get gorgeous views of rows upon rows of distant hills and peaks.
Is mountain trail riding for you? Yes! There’s such a wide range of mountain riding trails that there’s one for just about every rider. Some trails involve very little climbing, and these are probably best for beginners. Some trails, especially those that require navigating difficult terrain and steep inclines, are probably best for more advanced riders. Intermediate riders might enjoy riding mountain trails that include moderate inclines and fording rivers and streams. There are even trails in which you travel right up the middle of a clear mountain stream!