Saturday, July 23, 2011

Best Age to Begin Riding Lessons

If your son or daughter loves horseback riding and is begging to learn to ride a horse, you might be considering some riding lessons. Before you make arrangements for the riding lessons, however, you might be wondering if your child is old enough to take full advantage of the horseback riding lessons. What’s the best age to begin riding lessons?

Like most activities, much depends on the individual child. Children develop at different rates, so some kids are more physically, emotionally, and mentally advanced than other kids of the same age. I began riding as soon as I could sit up by myself well. Of course, at that time, I was being led around. One day my older brother, who was leading my mount, decided that I’d like to trot. As we trotted around a corner, I fell off onto a gravel road and split my head. I got ten stitches, and my mom was sure that would do me with horses, but it had no effect. I wanted to ride again the next day!

I began doing some riding on my own when I was three years old, and so did my granddaughters. Your child might be ready at that age, too, and there are several riding academies and stables that take kids as young as three. Of course, at such an early age, the child will be learning very basic riding. It’s still a good idea to start kids young with riding, however. Just make sure you choose a riding lessons instructor who’s good with kids as well as knowledgeable about horses and riding.

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